A Ray Array

Edge Of Color

Goethe’s observations were made in his garden, in the moonlight, and by candlelight rather than in laboratory settings. In his color charts, Goethe refers to the magenta region of the spectrum as “peach blossom.”

The “Edge of Color” flags are derived from the test cards that Goethe produced in order to demonstrate edge color phenomena to friends and colleagues. For Goethe, color could not be separated from the environment. Goethe’s Theory of Color is really a theory of perception, qualia, or “raw feels”.

These flags as color-test-cards demonstrate edge-colors that radiate from boundaries between light and dark shapes when viewed through a prism in daylight.


I am a Los Angeles-based artist and poet working with video, sound, and performance. My work focuses on

  1. human-technology relationships
  2. environment as viewed through the lens of feminism
  3. power, consumption, choice, accessibility, interpretation
  4. state of readiness and attention
  5. overlap of lyrical and empirical structures

I am a contributing member of the ongoing project Lucky Dragons (with Luke Fischbeck). My work, solo and in collaboration, has been presented at such institutions as the Hammer Museum, the Whitney Museum of American Art (as part of the 2008 Whitney Biennial), the Centre Georges Pompidou, Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, London’s Institute for Contemporary Art, PS1 in New York, REDCAT and LACMA in Los Angeles, MOCA Los Angeles, the 54th Venice Biennale, and the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, among others. My first volume of poems “Earth Breakup” was released by Hesse Press Fall 2015. The chapbook “Chronic Objector” was released by Miniature Garden Spring 2017.

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